East Walnut Hills go Vibrant Walking Routes

All routes begin and end at DeSales Corner (Madison Road and Woodburn Ave.).  The 1 and 2 mile routes take you past fabulous historic homes, the serene grotto waterfall in Annwood Park, paths in Owl’s Nest Park and galleries, and shops and eateries in O’Bryonville.  Be sure not to miss the Baker house, Luedeking ‘Castle’ and the Keys/Holister residence on the 2 mile route before returning to the starting point for coffee and a unique shopping experience.   The 3 mile route has an alternate starting point at the corner of Torrence Parkway and Madison Road.  Heading down Torrence nets a great view of the river, climbs a very good hill that rewards you with more scenic overlooks and a connecting route to Eden Park.

Orange Route
1 Mile

Green Route
2 Miles

Pink Route
3 Miles

Blue Route
5 Miles