Mt. Adams go Vibrant Walking Routes

Stop and start all 3 routes at the corner of Pavillion and St. Gregory.  Enjoy the best views of the city and river from numerous overlooks along all three routes, and experience the beauty of Eden Park, scenic lakes, and Krohn Conservatory. Explore the short detour of newly renovated steps leading down to Columbia Parkway near the river. Terrain has moderate hills on the 1-mile route and a well-worth-it  climb up the scenic hills on the 2 and 3 mile routes.  If you happen to be downtown, take the alternate starting point at the corner of 6th and Broadway and follow the wide overpass  to conquer one of the City’s most challenging hills to Mt. Adams’  highest points.

Yellow Route
.25 Mile

Orange Route
1 Mile

Green Route
2 Mile

Pink Route
3 Mile