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Congrats to all who participated in the 2017 Million Step Challenge.

Congratulations to the winning neighborhood this year Avondale with over 66 Million Steps.

2nd Place went to Pleasant Ridge with over 62 Million Steps.

The 2017 Million Step Challenge Had…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the competition work?2017-06-04T13:51:08+00:00
  1. Register with this site.
  2. Pick a neighborhood to support.
  3. Go for a walk. Try one of our go Vibrant walking routes or any walk of your choosing.
  4. Come back to this site and log your steps.
  5. Track your performance and neighborhood performance on our leaderboard.
How do I log my steps?2017-06-04T14:08:09+00:00

Log in to this site and then go to the Log Steps page. Simply select the date and route that you walked.

What if I don’t live in one of the eligible 15 neighborhoods?2017-06-06T11:39:25+00:00

Registration is open to anyone, regardless of their neighborhood. When you register, you should select one of the 15 neighborhoods who will receive credit for your steps.

Why are there only 15 featured/eligible neighborhoods?2017-06-04T14:06:42+00:00

In 2016 (our inaugural year) we launched the challenge with 5 featured neighborhoods. In year 2 (2017) we have expanded to 15 featured neighborhoods.

Persons from any neighborhood are welcome to participate – and you don’t need to live in the neighborhood that you are supporting. However, the neighborhood prize is only eligible to one of the 15 neighborhoods.

How do I measure 1 million steps?2017-06-04T14:01:35+00:00

We make it easy. Register with this site and go to the Log Steps page. Select the route or distance you walked (in miles) and we’ll convert it to steps for tracking purposes.

We apply 2,000 steps to each mile walked.

How far is 1 million steps?2017-06-04T14:03:09+00:00

There are 2,000 steps in a mile. 1 million steps equals 500 miles. To put that in perspective there are approximately 1 million steps between:

  • San Francisco and San Diego
  • Detroit and New York
  • Paris and Milan

Start walking south from Cincinnati and 1 million steps will put you in Atlanta. Feel like heading north? Those 1 million steps will you get you to Green Bay!

The competition runs for approximately 5 months. You would need a pace of 100 miles per month – or about 25 miles per week – to reach 1,000,000 steps.

I use a step tracker. Can I log the steps/mileage from my daily activity?2017-06-04T14:14:02+00:00

The competition encourages people to “get out and walk” and to “enjoy our city.” That’s great if you use a step tracker to see how many miles you log inside your office, the grocery store, etc. every day. But steps you log for the competition should be limited to actual walks you go on. Let’s get out and walk!

What are the prizes?2017-06-04T14:13:10+00:00

The Winning Neighborhood (from the 15 eligible neighborhoods) will receive a donation to be used for a park Exercise Station/Playscape.

Additional prizes will be announced throughout the length of the contest.

Do I have to use one of the go Vibrant walking routes?2017-06-04T14:12:41+00:00

Nope. You can walk anywhere, anytime you want.

We believe the go Vibrant walking routes offer an excellent variety of scenery and distances that highlight our great city and its neighborhoods. When you Log Steps on this site you can select from an existing go Vibrant walking route or enter the mileage (in half mile increments) of your custom route.

How are steps calculated?2017-06-04T14:11:51+00:00

You enter the mileage you walked to log your steps. We apply the same number of steps (2,000 steps) for every mile walked. Sure, some people have longer or shorter strides and may actually walk a few more or a few less steps per mile…but we wanted to keep it simple. One mile = 2,000 steps.

Who can participate?2017-06-04T14:07:39+00:00

Anyone who lives in greater Cincinnati is welcome to participate in the challenge.

Does each person have to walk 1 million steps?2017-06-04T14:07:01+00:00

No. Each neighborhood must try to reach 1 million steps with everyone combined.

Do I have to count steps or can I measure in miles?2017-06-04T13:52:03+00:00

We have included a handy breakdown of steps to miles on our website. The marked go Vibrant neighborhood routes are a great way to easily access and count your mileage.

When you log your steps on our site, simply select the named go Vibrant neighborhood route or the mileage that you walked and we’ll convert it to steps.

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