A good yoga mat may not make or a break your yoga practice, but it certainly makes a huge difference in terms of stepping up your yoga game. A good mat is durable, provides the right amount of cushioning, and has enough grip to keep your hands and feet firm no matter how sweaty you get. But, how do you find the best yoga mat when a lot of the brands promise a lot, but actually fall flat? Well, the team at Reviews.com figured that out for you.

Reviews.com researched 30 mats, consulted 10 yoga experts, reviewed 50 publications and surveyed yoga enthusiasts to find the ultimate yoga mat. After 50 hours of research, they have made their top choices – and realized some important things along the way.

Yogis looking for the perfect mat can’t go test an assortment out like runners can with running shoes. Gathering the most information you can is pertinent in making what can be a fairly significant financial investment.

Their team came up with 8 essential features that you should be looking out for searching for the best mat. First and foremost is durability and longevity is key. You’re going to want your mat to be able to get you through as much practice over time. Comfort and support are also essential when it comes to reducing squirming, along with a stable mat as well. You’re also going to want to look at the portability of your mat, in case you bike or travel a lot. Traction and stickiness are also important factors because the last thing you want to be doing is sliding off your mat when you’ve finally focused your mind. Next up is checking out the texture of the mat you are interested in and the size of it. And last but not least, environmental consideration – there are many amazing eco-friendly mats out there made of all-natural materials.

The team found 9 top yoga mat contenders that stood out amongst the competition. Their overall top choice is Manduka PROlite mat due to it’s superior grip and comfort.  The Manduka PROlite is portable and extremely durable, which is especially important for every yogi on the go! This mat beat out the competition by far for it’s longevity factor. If you plan on doing yoga for a long time, this mat is going to be your new best friend.

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