When you’re in an unfamiliar place, or just trying to find somewhere new to eat, having the right app is helpful. While most cities and towns have restaurants aplenty, an app can help you identify the best bets that locals favor from the ones that aren’t a good fit for you. Knowing which apps to use will enable you to not only check patron reviews, it will also allow you to compare ambience, menus, pricing and hours. You’ll never struggle again in the quest for good dining with these five apps:

1)    Foursquare
Foursquare is a great resource when it comes to finding the perfect place to eat, drink, or even just visit. It splits your choices into categories of food, coffee, nightlife and fun. This app provides the perfect way to narrow down your options. Some spots even offer their full menu and pricing so you know exactly what to expect before you sit down.

2) OpenTable
OpenTable is an app that allows you to make reservations at restaurants right from your smartphone. An added benefit of this app is that they are now partnered with Yelp and provide in-app reviews of restaurants which will help you better choose the place that you want to reserve a table at. The reviews come from fellow users who have been to the establishments, and you are able to check these reviews with ease.

3) Zomato (Previously UrbanSpoon)
Zomato is a social restaurant finder that connects you with your location to find the best place in your area to dine. With this cool app you are also able to order food for delivery and use search filters to find exactly what you are looking for. The social media aspect of this app comes into play with user-created collections that you can share with your friends. They show the places that you have been and what you have eaten there. Viewing other people’s collections will inspire you to eat somewhere that you have never been before, and try new foods.

4) Eat24
If you don’t feel like dining out, but still want to experience the dish of your favorite restaurant or try a restaurant that you have never eaten from before, then download Eat24. It is a food service delivery app that will deliver food to you from your choice of 25,000 restaurants across the country. It’s a quick and easy way to eat and even offers coupons to help you bring down the total of your order.

5) Local Eats
Local Eats takes the guesswork out of picking somewhere to eat, because it only provides you with places that are deemed quality venues by critics and reviewers. This means that you won’t have to sort through tons of reviews to determine what is good. The restaurants that show up have already received good professional reviews.

Now that you know what apps to search for, you are on your way to a new favorite haunt, whether it’s in your neighborhood or a new community. Bon appétit!