About the Kids’ Challenge

Kids’ Challenge

go Vibrant Million Step Challenge

go Vibrant’s Million Step Challenge has become a Summer staple for Cincinnati neighborhoods. The Kids’ Challenge – launched in 2020 – is a companion challenge that encourages kids to get out and get active.

Kids’ Challenge Overview

As with all go Vibrant endeavors, the focus of the Kids’ Challenge is to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

We want to help make a healthy and happy Cincinnati.

The Kid’s Challenge seeks to help youth across Cincinnati to become more active in a safe and healthy way. And, we are looking to foster an environment where families spend time together, logging steps, creating memories, and exploring our Cincinnati neighborhoods.

The Technology

The Kids’ Challenge is a separate competition than the Million Step Challenge. Participants will need a username and password for each Challenge. You can use the same username, email, and password for both sites.

The Kids’ Challenge does NOT use the Million Step Challenge App. All activity for the Kids’ Challenge is logged on this website.

Parents should create and maintain a username and password for their children.

The Kids’ Challenge website will require a separate username and password for each participant. Parents can use the same username and password that is registered with the Million Step Challenge.

How We Safeguard Child Participants

First and foremost, we place the utmost attention to the safety and security of child participants.

Persons under 13 years of age are not permitted to register directly. All registrations should be completed by a parent or guardian.

We do not collect information about child participants. You, the parent or guardian, will be asked to create a “Display Name” for your child participant during registration. We encourage you, the parent or guardian, to use a friendly display name or nickname. DO NOT USE YOUR CHILD’S ACTUAL NAME.

The Kids’ Challenge is a separate website and challenge than the Million Step Challenge. The Kids’ Challenge does not link to the Million Step Challenge App in order to safeguard the location and activity of children. All steps for the Kids’ Challenge will need to be manually logged at this site: http://govibrant.org/kids/.

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