Come join us for the Grand Opening of the P&G go Vibrantscape at Smale Park in Cincinnati on June 4, 2015 @ 6pm.  This park is just west of the Roebling Bridge and will be 4.5 acres.  It is a park funded by P&G through a generous gift of $1 million in partnership with go Vibrant – who worked with Landor & Associates and others to develop the idea.  The idea is simple and completely new-to-the-world:  a park where human movement causes things to happen.


Signature features include:

  • A 19-foot Foot Piano – think the movie Big.  This unique feature has bell chimes at the top of the piano designed by the Verdin Bell Company and a sensor on each of the 32 keys.  Time to play ‘Chopsticks’ or ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’…
  • A huge lifesize Flying Pig with wings that ‘fly’ and a giant rope to climb.  Pull the rope and the wings flap.  This gives new meaning to the term ‘when pigs fly’!
  • ‘Ring the Bell’ poles – that’s right large poles with bells at the top.  Time to challenge your friends to a race to the top!  Ring Away!
  • Water features that you can twist and turn and cause a mini ‘flood’ – crank away!
  • Exercise teeter totters and balance boards – balance away!

Getting active has never been so irresistible!  #govibrantnow