Who says you can’t play with food? Although I grew up in a house that tested the doneness of spaghetti by throwing a boiled piece of it at the wall – (when it sticks it’s done) – my parents generally conformed to the social standard of taking food from plate to mouth only. Well the rules just went out the window along with that uneaten portion of beets or Brussels sprouts we were forced to endure. In today’s world you can actually race your vegetables.

To help kick off the 2013 Taste of Cincinnati, local media celebrities representing TV, radio, print and blogs will compete in the first-ever go Vibrant Veggie Races this Friday, May 24, 12-1 p.m. on Fountain Square. Contestants will be provided vegetables used to build and race a veggie vehicle in a round-robin style tournament similar to Soap Box Derby races. The eight teams will compete for various titles, including the title of Most Vibrant. Is this topic making you hungry? Then be sure to visit the Taste this weekend and sample over 18 Vibrant Choice menu items provided by 12 different restaurants. Vibrant Choice items are marked with the go Vibrant V and meet AHA standards for sodium, fat and calories per serving. For more information check out the go Vibrant Facebook page, Taste venue map and menu selections. Be sure to take a photo of yourself enjoying a Vibrant Menu item and post it on our Facebook page to let us know which one is your favorite. Graze without guilt and we will see you there!