Activity, when it feels like play, is irresistible!    That is the core reason go Vibrant was born.  Think about it: when we all were kids we were active not because we were forced to  (okay, sometimes our parents would push us out of the house to play, but that doesn’t count), but because it was play. We played tag, ping pong, capture the flag, tossed a ball, climbed trees,  rode our bikes, and hiked through the woods  all because it was fun.  As a result we burned calories and stayed in shape, but that’s not why we did it.

Somewhere along the way we grow up and activity
becomes a chore – another “have to” on our list of things to do.
Healthy living has become a dreaded phrase that conjures up images of being forced
to exercise – the old “no pain no gain” mindset.  Somewhere between our childhood and adulthood joy disappeared from activity.


That’s where go Vibrant comes into play (pun
intended)!  Our mission is to “make an active, energetic lifestyle irresistible”
by rediscovering the joy of activity!   Imagine a
life where everyone is active day to day because it was just so much more
irresistible than sitting still. What does that look like?   It’s up to us to create it…

Mark Jeffreys

Founder, go Vibrant