The best summer days are usually the ones we spend in the sun. Like most of us, though, chances are that you may find yourself, or a family member grappling with the aftereffects of sunburn between June and September. Whether your sunburn was from a trip to the beach or falling asleep in the backyard hammock, there are many effective, yet little known, ways you can beat the sting of the burn. Most people know about the gel of the succulent plant aloe vera with its cooling, anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you have a potted aloe vera plant or a tube of pure aloe vera gel, you’ll be glad to know there are other home remedies right in your kitchen pantry to ease the pain of sunburn and speed healing. To amplify these solutions, keep yourself well hydrated with cool water and, if the pain is intense, take an over the counter pain medication. Here are ten ways to heal sunburn that you may not have tried before.
Homemade Burn Treatment Paste 
It’s easy to make homemade paste to quickly ease pain at the site of sunburn. Combine one teaspoon each of witch hazel and aloe vera gel along with two teaspoons of baking soda and water. Then add some chopped fresh mint leaves and mix to make a natural burn cream. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel combined with the cooling of aloe vera makes it a perfect homemade burn cream that you can make right in your kitchen.
Slice chilled fresh cucumbers into thin slices (using a vegetable peeler over the length of the cucumber) for a fast way to cool down a burned face. Simply lay the strips across the affected areas and you’ll quickly experience a cooling sensation. Remove and replace the strips after they feel warm.
Potato Paste 
Peel 2-3 large Russet potatoes and puree them with the steel blade of a food processor or even in a blender, adding a tiny bit of water to bring it to a paste-like consistency. The starch will help draw out heat from the sunburn as you apply it. Remove it once it dries and begins to feel warm. Store-bought potato starch may be used in place of fresh potatoes. Simply mix a portion of the powdery starch with a bit of water to make a paste and apply to affected areas.
Apply Freshly Brewed Tea 
Soak several tea bags, preferably organic mint, and soak them in cool water. Press the moist tea bags lightly to the burn for cooling relief. Tea, particularly mint tea, contains tannins that have both healing and anti-inflammatory benefits that will help reverse skin damage from UV rays.
Vitamin E 
Taking a Vitamin E supplement, or using a gentle moisturizer that contains this vitamin, will be useful for healing your skin as quickly as possible. You can even break open a Vitamin E capsule and apply the liquid directly to your burn. This approach may even ward off future skin damage from the sunburn.
Take a Bath  
Making a bath with added ingredients can do wonders for your skin. However, do not take a bath if your skin is charred or severely blistered. Add two cups of organic apple cider vinegar to a warm or cool bath, and soak in it for about 15 minutes. Apple cider vinegar is helpful in balancing the body’s pH levels, which promotes fast recover for any injury including sunburn. Another type of bath you can take is an oatmeal bath, which offers a mild and soothing relief for irritated skin. Here are full instructions on how to prepare an oatmeal bath. Avoid using soap or any drying products on skin.
Milk Compress 
Using a washcloth or first aid gauze strips, soak the material in cold organic milk, and apply to the sunburn for instant relief. Change dressing as needed. Milk is naturally emollient, so it returns fats to the skin which has been traumatized by the drying effects of the sun.
For a cooling and healing remedy, consider organic lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil. Lavender has natural anti- inflammatory properties. Also soothing is adding several drops of lavender essential oil to a misting spray bottle filled with cool water to spritz directly on the sunburned area throughout the day. There are benefits to using coconut oil on affected areas as coconut is directly linked to sun damage reduction.
An easy home remedy for sunburn that you most likely will have in your home already is a yogurt mask. It has a similar effect to apple cider vinegar and balances alkaline and acid levels in the body that work to promote healing. Soak gauze strips or cloth in organic full-fat plain yogurt and wrap around the burn for immediate soothing. It’s fine to slather the yogurt directly on the affected areas as well without using a cloth. To remove the yogurt, simply rinse it off in the shower with warm or cool water.
Cornstarch and Water Paste 
Blend cornstarch and water until it forms a thick paste and gently pat into affected areas. It has a similar healing effect to the potato paste, and can also be substituted with baking soda if you don’t have cornstarch on hand.
The best way to prevent sunburn is to limit sun exposure, which can be challenging in the summer months. If you are struggling with a wicked sunburn, look to natural home remedies to fight the burn and help return your skin to its natural healthy state.