Well here we are again: new year, new resolutions that stick for a while then fade into the distance. Let’s make 2016 a bit easier. Smaller, achievable goals produce the greatest success and with each small victory we are encouraged to keep going. Try this one on for size:
1, 2, 3 Plan
• Define 1 or 2 goals to accomplish in the first 3 months of the year;
• Pick the one that will be the most doable, (such as going for a 30-minute walk 5 days per week* or replace one daily snack with fresh fruit or vegetable).
• Practice this plan for 1 month. How did it go? Did you achieve your goal? Great! Didn’t do as well as you thought? Troubleshoot to figure out why not? Either way, move on to Goal 2 and start fresh.
• By the end of month 3, assess how you did. We will offer a congratulations here, because we bet you accomplished at something! (And by the way, the end of month 3 is actually spring time which will give you some new motivation and open up the opportunity for more outdoor time!)
• Start the 1, 2, 3 again and you will find yourself in mid-summer sunshine with even more options ahead!
*(No time to walk in 30-minute time blocks? Take 10 minutes here and there. It all adds up!)