Have you ever wondered how far you walk on any given day without really trying? If you kept track, you might be surprised and how far you actually go. And if you push yourself just a little, you might be completely amazed at how well you do. A group of Macy’s employees did just that this week. In order to start the year with momentum, many committed to walking “x” number of miles over the course of the next six months. By that time, it will be June and they will already have an active, healthy habit AND be in shape for summer – WOO-HOO! go Vibrant provided them with maps of our downtown and Mt. Adams 1, 2 and 3 mile routes so they can keep track. Here is how easy it can be:
• 78 miles = 1mile 3x/week
• 130 miles = 1 mile 5x/week
• 156 miles = 3 miles 2x/week
• or set your own…
• _____ miles = ____x/week

Follow our links to download your very own map to help track miles right out your door. Don’t forget that we also have routes in Northside and coming soon in Covington and Avondale. Create your own challenge and hit the streets! Please share your goals, photos and progress with us. go Vibrant NOW!