Madisonville go Vibrant Walking Routes

The 1 mile route stays close to the business district but also includes a stroll down an attractive residential street, passing by the Lighthouse Community School Garden at Ward & Chandler.

Experience the core of the neighborhood business district, stroll by the tranquil Laurel Cemetery, and learn something new at the Madisonville Branch of the Public Library on the 2 mile route. In addition, take a side trip to explore nature in the Little Duck Creek Trail.

Visit the growing neighborhood business district on the 3 mile route, stop to play in Bramble Park, learn the history of several historic homes on Erie Avenue, and check back into the Public Library.

On the 5 mile route, you will begin or end your journey at the Madisonville Recreation Center, then get to know the residential streets and see a wide variety of housing types. This route includes the Murray Avenue trail, which is well worth the additional walk! You will revisit historic homes on Erie Avenue on tree-lined streets.

Orange Route
1 Mile

Green Route
2 Miles

Pink Route
3 Miles

Blue Route
5 Miles