go Vibrant

go Vibrant has three core focus areas: Walking Routes, Digital Content and unique, irresistible experiences.

go Vibrant has created the largest network of urban walking routes in the country! go Vibrant Walking Routes are created in collaboration with the neighborhoods themselves and are marked with signs throughout neighborhoods in Avondale, Clifton, Covington, Delhi, Downtown, East Walnut Hills, Golf Manor, Madisonville, Mt. Washington, Mt. Adams, Newport, Northside, Pleasant Ridge, Walnut Hills, and several other neighborhoods are in the works for expansion.

go Vibrant launched a digital content experience, Go Discover and Play, with content from top editors from national publications such as WebMD, Women’s Health, and others, which gives everyone fun, interesting information about ways to live a more vibrant life. Content is updated several times a month – a great way to stay informed and be inspired/energized!

Finally, go Vibrant continues to deliver unique experiences such as the Silly Sock Walk, go Vibrant Menu items at the Taste of Cincinnati, and go Vibrant Play Now in Washington Park – a way for residents to borrow fitness equipment for free. go Vibrant’s biggest initiative was the launch of the P&G go Vibrantscape at Smale Riverfront Park – a 4.5 acre interactive park where human movement causes things to happen. It includes the world’s largest outdoor foot piano (ala the movie Big), a flying pig that you need to climb up into (not without effort) while getting the help of someone else to “fly” it, climbing poles with bells on the top, outdoor exercise equipment, an outdoor chess set, and an interactive water feature. It all helps to make activity irresistible!

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