Whether you’re relaxing at the shore or backpacking through the wilderness, these high-tech gadgets make your journey safer, more comfortable, and significantly more fun. Summer adventures, here you come!

Drink Clean Water:The LifeStraw personal water filter removes more than 99 percent of waterborne protozoan parasites and bacteria. The device, which can filter nearly 1000 liters over its lifetime, is one of the most advanced and compact personal water filtration systems on the market.

A Smart Headlight:The Petzl NAO Headlamp is a reactive headlight with a sensor that automatically adjusts its beam pattern and power, accounting for both hiking on the trail at night and reading a book in your tent.

A Comfy Sleeping Bag:The REI Igneo Sleeping Bag is packed with 800-fill-power goose down and covered with a high-tech waterproof but breathable fabric. The bag keeps you comfortable in nighttime temps as low as 19 degrees. While hiking, you’ll barely notice this 1 pound, 15 ounce bag is strapped to your pack.

A Cozy Sleeping Pad:If it’s too warm for a sleeping bag, pack the REI InCamp Insulated Air Sleeping Pad. The 6 1/2 foot long pad is nearly 3 inches thick, and includes an integrated pillow. It inflates via an included hand pump and folds up into a compact 7-by-10 inch pack.

An App for the Stars:With over a million downloads, it’s easy to see why a Sky Map app (available for Android or iOS) is the perfect accessory for camping trips. Simply point your smart phone’s camera at the sky, and the app utilizes GPS technology to analyze which stars, constellations, and planets you’re gazing towards.

A Greener — and Smarter — Stove:Off the grid? The portable BioLite CampStove allows you to cook a delicious meal in the middle of the forest while charging your phone, camera, light or other USB-friendly gadget. Instead of pricy polluting petroleum gas, the CampStove runs on small twigs that you pick up on your hike.

A Better Beach Blanket: Take your relaxed beach day up a notch by ditching that bulky, soggy and sandy towel. The ParaSheet Beach Blanket is lightweight, brushes clean of sand easily, and folds up into a tiny bag. The 49 square foot blanket has four “sand pocket” corners to keep the blanket securely on the ground.

High-Tech Peace of Mind:To keep beach thieves from running off with your wallet and phone while you’re splashing in the water, use the Vacation Vault. The durable plastic protects your valuables with a three-digit combination lock and cable that easily loops around a beach chair.

Espresso … Anywhere:The Handpresso uses hand-pumped air pressure to brew the perfect cup of espresso, so you can get your fix far away from a coffee shop.

Take a Shower:The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower holds nearly 3 gallons of water — enough for a five minute shower! Unlike weak gravity systems that must be hung from a tree, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower rests on the ground and utilizes a food pump to release a steady stream of water.