Winter surely can take its toll on us all. Whether you are commuting to work or have a home-based office, spring is the perfect time to transform your work environment into a cheerful space. Having a bright, open and colorful office space is directly linked with improved health, increased physical activity and a better night’s sleep. Here are some fun and easy ways to lift your office aesthetic, your mood and productivity levels:

Go Green – Add plants and greenery to your office space with hanging, floor or furniture dwelling pots. Plants help replace stale office air with fresh new oxygen, combatting fatigue throughout the day. Offices that adopt a green culture are often more creative and energetic than those who don’t. Plants are organisms which live and breath, making a room with plants a room that breaths. Think you don’t have a green thumb? Consider an air plant. Grown without soil, these bromeliads require only good air circulation and a daily spritz of water to remain supple and healthy.

Be Moody – Set up a personal or office mood board to help fill your workspace with colorful and energizing images that reflect positivity and productivity. Mood boards are a tried and tested means to show the overall vision of a project or goal, so why not utilize their creative power to bring a brightness into your work area? Whether it is full of work related ideas or a collage of personal and amusing images, the power of a colorful mood board will help keep you smiling, focused and grounded.

No More White – What do you envision when you think of white walls? A doctor’s office? Why not ask your boss to allow you to add a splash of color to your environment with a coat of bright and energizing paint. Colors have a direct affect on our emotions and moods, contributing to a broad spectrum of positive and negative reactions. Whether it is a pastoral green or a rosy pink, there is a color for everyone to help get the creative juices flowing.

Make It A Home – Bringing personal belongings to work is an easy way to make it feel like your space belongs to you. The average American spends close to nine hours a day at their place of work. While belongings should still have a professional feeling, depending on your company’s culture, they can bring a touch of whimsy, humor and style to the work area, sparking conversation with others and giving you a sense of relaxation with your personal imprint.

Surrounding yourself with uplifting colors helps build a positive, and energetic and vibrant workplace. By introducing plants and images that personalizes your space and exemplifies your aspirations and goals, you’ll look forward to working in your office, be more productive and likely bring your colleagues inspiration and cheer at the same time.