Change is not inherently fun. But it can be such a great opportunity and catalyst to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. When I found my most recent relationship crumbling to pieces (albeit for the right reasons), it seemed like the perfect time for a change in perspective. And as luck would have it, I had a group of fantastic friends headed down to Los Gaviotas, Mexico for the weekend.

All in all, it was an amazing getaway. It was an adventure full of great food, sidesplitting laughs, jaw dropping views and an opportunity for some good introspection. And what a relief this Skinny Traveler didn’t have to go all the way to the Philippines this time (ha ha).

While the circumstances of this trip may not be what you have in store for your summer, it does not mean these tips for a healthy weekend getaway can’t come in handy! Make some notes here for your next family, friend or solo retreat to make sure you make the most of your time way, enjoy yourself and still come back with a body, mind and heart that feels light and bright.

1. Get a kitchen.

If you can stay in a location with a kitchen, you’ll be in better shape to have everything you need to make sure you’re in control of your food and beverage (plus you’ll save a ton of $$). If you haven’t used it yet, check out AirBnB for local rentals that can be less expensive than hotels and come with all the perks of being at home. You’ll get all the comforts of food prep and even bonuses like toasters and blenders (which come in handy when you’re craving blended coffee in the morning!).

Simple coffee, milk, agave and ice in the blender = healthy Frappuccino yumminess

2. Bring a yoga mat.

It’s one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can find. You can use it for yoga, the beach, and any floor routine workout you’re doing. You don’t need weights to get in a good workout, you just need a mat and a good body weight workout and you can start all your days strong and healthy.

You can do a whole lot more here than yoga

3. Exercise first thing in the morning.

For a few reasons; but mostly because you probably won’t do it otherwise. Vacation can kick in and if you have a cocktail or two, it’s not likely you’ll make it later. Plus, exercise is a keystone habit. On the days that you exercise, research shows you will make better (healthier) decisions all day long.

Traveling with fit friends helps with motivation as well. She pulled me out of bed!

4. Hydrate

This is a good rule for every day life and not just vacation. But if you’re traveling where the tap water is a problem, it can get tricky.  Making a mental note to have a plan will help keep you from being caught off guard and ending up dehydrated. If you don’t know if the water is safe, always ask the locals or whoever is in charge of your rental. If you’re location has a gym, chances are it will have filtered water in it and that can be a great place to full up your water bottle. And don’t forget to make fresh ice with your filtered water as well.

Just because you’re surrounded with water, does not mean you can drink it. Best to be prepared!

5. Find a grill.

As I mentioned in my “Healthy 4th of July BBQ” post, it’s nearly impossible to cook “bad for you food” if you’re cooking on a grill. We tossed lean meats, huge prawns, and colorful kabobs on our grill and feasted like kings. We were able to repurpose leftovers into the most amazing breakfast burritos you’ve ever seen!

I could live off of these, best colorful side dish for any main

6. Eat with color.

As with hydration, this rule applies everyday as it is the second of four universal diet truths that make up my Clean & Colorful concept. But when you’re out of your element, looking for all five colors can be an added challenge and adventure. We got in plenty of red tomatoes and peppers, orange peppers and sweet potatoes, yellow squash and peppers, green avocados and zucchini and red onions and black beans to complete our daily rainbows.

Saturday night’s dinner made Sunday’s delicious breakfast

7. Eat fresh and local.

While it can be a good idea to plan ahead and pack what you can, it’s also a great idea to leverage your local treats. We were lucky to have this fresh fish stand near by. It was loaded with the ocean’s freshest oysters, clams, prawns, giant fish that made the most amazing ceviche I’ve ever had.

Hands down, best ceviche ever!

8. Drink lightly.

Well, drink clean water heavily and alcohol lightly if you can. I’ve really been a fan this summer of using wine and soda water to thin out my cocktails and have been enjoying fruit flavored spritzers, mojitos and this weekend, margaritas! They have a fraction of the calories when you use about 3 oz wine for every 8-12 oz soda water and other flavors. You pile them with ice and it’s ultra hydrating and satisfying. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to get out of control so you can really enjoy your time.

That’s a wine margarita! White wine, lemon, lime, and a little flavored soda water and a tiny bit of margarita mix.

9. Bring a journal.

When you’re out of your element and daily routine, it’s much easier to look back at it and evaluate what you love and what needs to change. Not everybody takes vacations at the spur of the moment because they are going through a break up like I do, but it’s still a good opportunity to look at your everyday life from a different perspective. I love my Day One journal app that comes with me everywhere on my phone.

This is not a bad place to be evaluating your life from.

10. Unplug.

This is hard for me to do. I got lucky this time because we had pretty bad wi-fi in our place so I could only use my phone in the bathroom. Ha ha. But the beauty of that is that you get to stay connected to the people and things around you and not all that other stuff.

For me, unplugging is hard and this was a nice mini-escape.

There you have it – 10 Tips for Healthy Weekend Getaway tips you can put into place the next time you’re planning (or find yourself in an impromptu!) adventure.