As you may know from my Instagram and Twitter feeds that I’ve been in Tucson all weekend long working on a special blogger project and it has been amazing! It reminded me of my old life when I was on the road every other week for business. In fact, Tucson was my market and I had a chance meet up with my old franchisee and it was amazing! So I’m off the grid today, coming home and getting caught up so I wanted to share this post from my old life — full of good skinny travel tips! Enjoy!


In my old life, before I took the leap of faith to start building my own business by following my passion…I was a road warrior. A leggit road warrior. On the road every other week, traveling to very small towns in the middle and southern parts of the country. It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend an afternoon flying, hop in a rental car and drive an additional hour or two to my final destination. Skinny travel is tricky, let me tell you I know first hand. Breakfast options varied, hotel gyms were a wild card, and how to eat at an airport or in a strip mall were all things I learned to navigate with success.

As crazy as it sounds now, I really didn’t mind the lifestyle. And I learned so much in the 7 years I spent on the road…how to stay skinny, travel for business and fit in fitness was certainly one of them. This is one of the very first blog posts I wrote almost two years ago to help those who may be in the same position as I was. I didn’t have many readers back then, so I’m hoping to get these few quick tips in front of those who need it! So this is kind of a guest post, from myself, 2 years younger…ha ha

May you find this info as relevant and helpful today and into the future. Safe and Skinny Travels to you!


Yup – that’s where I am. Fighting the uphill battle of trying to stay fit while on the road. It’s not easy. Typically I’m out of my time and comfort zone. Waking up at the equivalent of 3:15am, not knowing exactly where I am, what type of fitness center I’ll find downstairs or what stellar #powerfood I’ll find at the hotels continental breakfast. But you know what; I’ve been doing this for 6 years, and guess what? I’m not fat.

So it can be done…here are a few of my favorite tricks:

1 – Be Prepared! I always have these in my suitcase:

■      Protein powder shake mix

■      Instant oatmeal

■      Nut based or granola snack bar (anything covered in chocolate and most protein bars will be a melted mess)

■      Selection of herbal teas, Starbucks Via coffees, Crystal light packets

■      Plastic fork and spoon

That may sound like a lot, they all fit neatly on the side zipper pouches of my suitcase and I’ve been MIGHTY grateful for each one at some point in my 950K miles of travels.

2 – Don’t be afraid of McDonalds. That may sound controversial in a #healthblog, but between a mountain of Hardys, Waffle Houses, WhataBurgers and Taco Buenos, McDonalds is not as bad as it seems.  You can get in and out with a decent meal anytime of the day for <500 calories. Here are my favorites:


■      Egg McMuffin (300 calories + 18g protein)

■      McCafe Cappuccino (120 calories + 6g protein)


■      Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (250 calories + 16g protein)

■      $1 side salad (20 calories, but be careful with the 400 calorie dressing they give you)

■      Fruit & yogurt parfait (150 calories + 4g protein)

I’m NOT saying these are top of the line power foods, but I am saying when on the road and when time and familiarity are not in your favor, they are good options.

3 – Subway is your friend! I don’t know how they do it, but I have yet to have a bad experience at a Subway when it comes to food quality. Service is not typically blog worthy, but then again, that is not what we’re worried about when you’re looking for something <350 calories that will fill you up. I have been on the road with nothing 50 miles behind me or 50 miles ahead of me and stopped at a gas stating with a Subway in it. I’m not kidding – the veggies are fresh! So load up, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers…full of water and nutrients and not calories. Top off with the honey mustard dressing or I think they have a Maui onion one that is also pretty low calorie. You can do sandwich or salad here.

4 – Ahhhh for Starbucks. Sorry if you hate chains, or over commercialized coffee products. But enough time in no-man’s land will leave you with a little sigh of comfort when you see that beautiful green logo and awnings. And most of the time, you don’t even have to get out of your car. A Soy Misto has fewer calories than a Latte, costs about $2 less and has 6 grams of protein. Pair that with one of their breakfast sandwiches (reduced fat turkey bacon or spinach and feta) and you are setting your day in nowheresville up for success!

I could go on and on here – but those are the key highlights that get me through most of my dietary on the go challenges.

Cheers to healthy success on the road!