If you’re not feeling a Halloween party, you can enjoy the crisp autumn air by cozying up with some friends in front of a bonfire. Make this low-key night a festive one by heating up some s’mores and pouring up some warm apple cider or hot chocolate. Grab a hoodie and a scarf, kick back and relax, and exchange spooky stories.

Avoid the doorbells and doorsteps this Halloween. Whether you feel like you have outgrown trick-or-treating or are just looking for something different to do this year, spend your evening with these fun alternatives. October’s spookiest holiday is around the corner, which means it’s time to get creative and put together a Halloween disguise. Now you may think going door-to-door around the neighborhood and yelling “trick-or-treat” may be a thing of the past for you. Whether you’re scrambling around for a last-minute costume or are concerned over the safety of trick-or-treating, there are many alternatives that don’t include knocking on doors across the neighborhood and asking for candy.

With October 31st slowly creeping up on us, here are five trick-or-treat alternatives for Halloween night.

Decorate a Pumpkin

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice. What better way to celebrate Halloween night than to make a visit to your local pumpkin patch, purchase a carving kit and begin decorating. You can print free stencils online or put your artistic skills to the test and carve your pumpkin freehand. If you’re feeling competitive, this is a great contest to have amongst your friends.

Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Ditch the scary costumes and put on a few scary movies. Set the mood by getting some popcorn and turning off the lights. If you’re watching with friends, see how long you can go without getting spooked.  If you’re not into scary movies, try putting on some Halloween classics such as “Casper,” “The Night Before Christmas,” or “Hocus Pocus.”

Bake Something Sweet (or Spooky!)

Instead of trick-or-treating for candy, bake some Halloween-themed treats. If you’re feeling something sweet, try baking a monster cake or cobweb cookies. For a healthier alternative, you may want to consider a veggie skeleton or ghostinis with bloody murder sun-dried tomato tapenade as a snack.

Host a Halloween Party

Try bringing the festivities to your home. Put together an epic spooky music playlist and have your family and friends arrive in their best costumes. Entertain your guests with a bunch of Halloween-themed games and activities such as “pop goes the pumpkin” or “bobbing for apples.” Instead of going door-to-door for candy around your neighborhood, spread Halloween cheer by purchasing a bunch of treats and having your guest indulge in all of the sweets. You can even host a contest to see who has the favorable costume.

Have a Spooky Bonfire