After a long, hot summer, we welcome the fall with open arms. The crisp autumn weather and beautiful foliage make for great outdoor activities. We always associate the summer with outdoor workouts but the cooler climate of fall makes for great hiking and exercising. With winter just around the corner it is important to get your body and immune system ready to help prevent from illness and sluggishness throughout the colder months. Here are some great tips to help stay active, healthy and fit during fall.

Get out there!

Going out to your local park, running track or playing field is ideal during this picturesque season. After long days at work and running errands it is a real mood booster to get out in the fresh air and elements to stretch and exercise. From improving your energy levels to enhancing attention and focus, outdoor workouts are an ideal way to stay in shape this fall. Always remember that it gets dark and chilly quicker than you may think so dress accordingly and with reflective clothing or accessories when working out outdoors.

Start a movement!

Contrary to what you may think, fall weather, as compared to a long-awaited spring season, motivates many people to get fit and become more active. Reach out to family and friends to see if they want to start a workout club within your community where like-minded fitness enthusiasts can help keep each other motivated and energized while working out. Whether it is a running group or softball league, there are plenty of ways your community can help you stay in shape this autumn.

Eat fresh and feel good!

What better way to stay fit this fall than treating your taste buds to delicious and healthy fall harvest foods. From hard winter squash varieties like pumpkin and butternut, to cruciferous family members like Brussels sprouts and cabbage, autumn offers an abundance of colorful, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables. Combining these foods, whether stewed, roasted or grated into salad, with a healthy lifestyle can help you stay energized and fueled for outdoor activity through the colder months. The benefits of eating seasonally have never been more delicious,

Committing to a healthy, active lifestyle during the fall is a great way to ensure your body is in fighting shape for the tougher, colder months of winter. Whether you are looking to take your workouts to the next level or just stay active, fall offers a host of ways to enjoy the outdoors and the bounty of the cool weather harvest season.