Working out should never feel like a chore, the minute you start feeling like your routine is too mundane is exactly when you start to lose your motivation and interest in exercise. Every now and then it is a good idea to spice things up and change your workout routine to keep exercising a fun, exciting task that you love to do. Fortunately, there are easy, effective ways to switch up your workout routine.

Try Something New

Incorporating something new is the easiest way to make a change in your daily workout routine. Try taking a new exercise class that you never thought you would be into, and see how it goes. There are tons of new types of group classes that make exercising fun and exciting that will kick your butt all at the same time. If you are stuck in a workout rut, try doing the opposite of your routine for a week. For example, if your workouts are normally high-intensity, slow things down and try doing yoga, swimming or Pilates.

Get Outside

Working out in a gym gives you a wide variety of choices, however the multitude of healthy benefits that come from working out outdoors. Being outside will instantly boost your mood, ease depression, clear brain fog and stimulate your senses. Running outdoors will provide your body with a completely different level of difficulty than running on the treadmill. Utilizing things along the way, such as park benches, are a great accessory to incorporating other training methods to give yourself a full-body workout. Enjoy the fresh air, scenery and test your body to new limits while taking your routine outside.

Set Goals

Setting goals of any kind always provides an increased level of motivation, no matter how big or small. Push yourself to a better you by setting goals that you want to accomplish along your fitness journey. Setting simple goals like losing a few pounds, lifting more weight, or running more miles gives you something to work towards and provides you with a sense of accomplishment when you reach them. Setting larger goals like running a marathon, competing in a fitness competition or just simply a 5k charity run, will challenge your body to perform at a higher level while training for these events.

Work Out with Friends

Working out alone can be relaxing and allows you to focus on completing personal goals, however adding friends into your routine occasionally can be a beneficial addition. Working out with friends helps to avoid boredom, gives you time to catch up with a friend while being productive and can help establish new relationships with people who have similar interests to yours. Working out in a group or with a friend is a great way to share tips and discuss what works best for them and possibly incorporate their methods into your routine. It also pushes you to keep going and work harder when you are exercising alongside someone else. Find a workout buddy and train together!

Shake things up and try something new and unusual to your everyday routine, you might be surprised how the change may make you feel. Pushing yourself physically and mentally to change your workout routine can help shed some weight, challenge new muscles and stimulate feel-good endorphins that will improve your daily outlook. So get out there, make a change, and push your body and mind to accomplish new things.