Did you know that World Hoop Day is 12/12/12? The 12th of December, 2012 there will be events on 6 continents and all are welcome to get involved! The mission of World Hoop Day is to bring joy through the importance of play, no matter what your age or size, all around the world. The benefits of playing with a hoop include having a more fit, leaner body with a stronger core and leaner muscles. Hooping improves self-confidence, inner peace, contentment and relieves depression.
The importance of play is undervalued in this technological age of information. World Hoop Day brings cost-effective way to have fun and move. Used by the Peace Corps , Girl Scouts of America, rehabilitation centers and senior homes and fitness facilities, it is a fun way to fitness. Come on and ‘hoop’ it up wherever you are or come to 600 Vine Street to play!